This Webpage By KTM Intercity Is ‘Underconstractions’ And It Will ‘Be Alive Very Soon’

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Most of us are aware that the English language is not quite the strongest suit in our country (while some are not so aware), nor is the education quality in Malaysia considered as ‘world class‘; however, you’d think that there is someone in charge of proofreading certain official documents or websites to at least maintain a certain standard.

Well, apparently not according to this website.

Image Credit: KTM Intercity

Image Credit: KTM Intercity

KTM Intercity is the brand name of the intercity train services in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand which is operated by KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad). However, probably not everyone would know this because if one should want to find out more about KTM Intercity by clicking the ‘Mengenai Kami’ option at the drop down menu from ‘KTM Intercity’ tab, this page (above image) would appear.

Other pages of the KTM Intercity website looks complete though, so it seems like only the ‘About Us’ section is still ‘underconstractions’.

Now some might say that we are nitpicking, but the countdown displayed on the page is already at zero (which usually means that something is meant to happen, as I’ve learnt from the series of LOST), and the page is yet to be updated.

Image Credit: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/

Image Credit: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/

So to get down to the bottom of this mysterious page that’s about to ‘brings a lot of new features’ and to be fair to the folks over at KTMB, I decided to give KTMB a call. I dialed the number available at the ‘Contact Us’ section of the page and managed to get through to a KTMB telephone operator. I followed the instructions of pressing ‘2’ for English but the operator who answered the call still communicated with me in Bahasa Malaysia so I’m doubting the necessity of such a step.

She explained that I should just use the KTMB website instead of the KTM Intercity one. When I asked her why, she did not provide any reasons, she just kept insisting that the KTMB website is more than sufficient for me to find out any information I need about the train tickets. She did, however, mention that the KTM Intercity website is still functional and they are still in the process of updating it but repeated that I should just use the KTMB website only.

So while we wait for them to finish their ‘constractions’, use the KTMB website instead – and don’t worry, the ‘About Us’ web page there is updated.

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