#GetFitWithVP: Nigel Chin, CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2015

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Formerly a communication and media management graduate, Nigel Chin is currently one of the male models attached under Forward Model Asia and is the winner of Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2015. Before that he was one of the finalists of Asia Next Top Model Malaysia 2014. Occasionally Nigel can be seen featured in JinnyboyTV’s videos. This week, we had the privilege to talk to Nigel regarding his fitness tips and motivations toward health and fitness.

Image Credit: Jewel Ling Photography

Image Credit: Jewel Ling Photography

What fitness related mobile apps do you use?

I don’t use the fitness mobile apps I have often but the ones I have at the moment are My Fit and Body space.

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Do you watch YouTube videos to work out? If yes, which YouTubers do you subscribe to/watch?

Yes most definitely. Aesthetic idols such as Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean-X or Passion4Profession (This one isn’t a person) and Christian Guzman.

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Image Credit: Nigel Chin Instagram

Image Credit: Nigel Chin Instagram

What is your fitness mantra?

Initially I worked out to stay healthy and fit and the thing that kept me going was to kill boredom. Eventually, it became a commitment and developed into a habit. I have the urge to hit the gym at least 4 times a week and if I don’t, my mind would be disturbed with the conscious of guilt.

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What are the gadgets you use while working out?

An iPod nano or my iPhone 6? I usually have my iPod with me instead to prevent any distractions.

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Image Credit: Nigel Chin Instagram

Image Credit: Nigel Chin Instagram

What is your favourite website/app for healthy recipes?

I’m no extreme fitness enthusiast nor am I an expert in nutrition and diet plans. I do get my food at foodmattersme.com.my whilst I’m at work though but I do not go to the extent to search for healthy recipes.

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Any words of encouragement to fitness lovers/people who want to get healthy?

Stay committed to your work out and diet. A little effort goes a long way in the long run. Plus, it’s better to do something than to do nothing productive at all.

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