The Environment Is In Danger, And Malaysia’s COMOS Might Just Be The Relief

In a world that is eventually going to die out in a San Andreas–esque kind of way, the imperative falls on each of us to play a more environmentally conscious role.

If we want a world, in which the polar bears aren’t roasted to death by an ever-burning sun, and dolphins that don’t swim around oil-filled oceans with layers of plastic covering their eyes; then, we better do something.

Sure, we are getting a really, late start and we may never be able to save the world from our own mess, and we might have to accept the fact that our doom is sealed (if it’s a possibility, I might be moving to Mars); here’s a noteworthy Malaysian effort that might try and prolong our stay on Planet Earth.


While the name at first glance might remind you of COSMOS, the science documentary, it actually stands for Cohesive Mobility Solution (COMOS). Fancy, hey?

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In essence, they are the very first Electric Vehicle (EV) car-sharing service in Malaysia that unifies the different components of the EV ecosystem like the EV users, EV charging providers, EV fleet operators, parking management operators and telecommunication network operators, all of which are packaged into a Cohesive Mobility Solution (for, simplicity).

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How simple? Well, all you are required to do is to register through the website, mobile app or through the COMOS kiosk near you and you can pick up your ride from the nearest Kiosk.

As a member, you can reserve a car any time you want and you could also reserve a “Green Parking Spot” (something like your very own handicapped parking spot), around all the prime areas in time.

Once you get in your sweet ride, you get to unlock your car using a unique COMOS access card along with a pin code.

Check the video below.

While COMOS is a noble aim, it does come at a cost. Currently, it offers three pricing tiers (RM25 per week, RM50 per month and a lucrative promotional offer of RM50 per year as well).

Once you’re a member, you get to book yourself a car and from thereon, you only pay for the time the EV is being used. Think of it as a “cab” that you have to drive. A “cab” that’s more eco-friendly.

Is it worth it?

Since, we are getting a late start, we might not have much of a choice in what we get to do in order to undo the damage done to our environment.

While COMOS, does sound great and noble to the ears, I’m a bit apathetic about the effect it’s likely to have on our environment ― especially due to their current strategy.

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Rather than catering to the private sector and relying on the few environmentally conscious people around to use the service, would it not be a better strategy to replace our public cabs and private cabs with electric vehicles?

Surely we don’t have to do it all at one go, the entire project can be broken down into different phases, so that eventually, society gets to absorb electric vehicles into its ecosystem of public transportation.

I feel it would be more cost effective for the every day traveller to get into a cab with or without knowing that it’s a greener option, rather than going through the hassle of being a member, booking a car, and so and so forth.

Essentially, “we have to do what we are supposed to do, in order to do what we want to do”.

Or.. we could just stick to what we have always done as we are going to die out sooner or later anyway.

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