Bookya: The “Gigantic Monster” Aspiring To Innovate In The Stubborn Music Industry

Malaysia-based startup Bookya is a platform that links artists and promoters to find each other with a magical location-based discovery tool. Founded in October last year, Bookya consists of 10 members at the moment and the startup is a labour of compassion for founder Samuel Klyk, together with co-founder Ingo Volgemann and Eelke Arjaans.

The Mastermind Behind This

It all began when Samuel was in Manila, Philippines. He met Ingo (co-founder) in a bar where Ingo was explaining to him all the frustrations and problems he came across during his 25 years of career in the live music industry as a music producer, DJ, audio engineer, composer, and record label owner.

Samuel, who comes from a tech background ―with a passion in solving real world problems― together with Ingo, came up with a solution that could tackle them all and improve the way artists and promoters work together. As a result, the idea to start Bookya was inspired.

Image Credit: Bookya

Image Credit: Bookya

Solving Problems In The Music Industry

Eelke, one of the co-founders of Bookya, shared during an interview with Vulcan Post that his role is to find the right people to work along with Bookya to ensure that the live music industry is a better place for everyone.

With similar startups such as Gigfairy in Malaysia, Eelke described the main thing that sets Bookya apart from other live music booking websites is that Bookya is not just a live music booking website. “Bookya is the place where artists make their traveling schedules visible to the people that matter most to them, promoters. With Bookya they will get in touch easier and get more deals done. Promoters, but also fans will be able to explore every area of the world (be it their home or their holiday-spots) which artist will perform where and when and which events are taking place,” said Eelke.

Image Credit: Bookya

Image Credit: Bookya

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The process of booking an artist can be utterly troublesome. Sometimes, it takes days or even weeks to get a booking done. Therefore, through a website and a mobile app, Bookya’s main goal is to build a place that brings artists/musicians and promoters closer together and connects them with the right people at the right time.

This allows them to get more gigs, bookings and shows done without all the hassle. At the same time, the bookings will be transparent, Bookya aims to provide solutions to result in well-organised and easy communication.

What Bookya does to acquire more people on board is mainly through referrals via word of mouth. Eelke said, “Bookya just wants to give real value to artists, promoters and fans. By really providing them with something they need, we are certain the Bookya-word will spread and more performers will find their way to Bookya and either claim their already curated profile or create one themselves.”

Image Credit: Bookya

Image Credit: Bookya

Stubbornness Stands In The Way

Most startups would consist of a few glitches, same goes to Bookya. According to Eelke, one of the difficulties they have faced so far is that Bookya is a gigantic monster, trying to innovate in an industry that has always been rather stubborn and a late adopter of technological advancements.

“Bookya being of Facebook-like proportions, we try to tackle by taking one feature at a time. First making sure this feature is completely polished and solves the problem we aim to solve, before moving on to the next,” Eelke described.

Apart from that he also mentioned that the industry is stiff, but they are still able to deal with it. “We will not give up, we truly believe that Bookya is something Artists and Promoters really need. Our only aim for now is to work close together with our users and develop Bookya together with them, ” said Eelke.

On Expansion Plans

To-date, there are 900,000 artist profiles listed in their database. Bookya is now working closely together with 200 VIP users to improve their features and polish the overall experiences. Eelke also mentioned that they foresee many potential partnerships with hotel chains, transportation companies, travel agencies and more.

“If you’re interested to be listed, all you need to do is make awesome music and give your best. We will do the rest, seriously! Log on to Bookya, claim or create your profile, connect with your already existing social profiles and you are good to go,” Eelke told Vulcan Post. The best part is that it is free, Bookya doesn’t charge the artists, promoters, or fans any fees.

To find out more how you can use Bookya, head over to their website.

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