Yelp Is Now Available In Malaysia With Over 1000 Local Businesses Listed!

I came across Yelp when I approached @GirlEatWorld for an interview. She mentioned that she uses Yelp for real-time recommendation when she goes food-hunting. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the app in my smartphone. Sadly at that time, it wasn’t available for users in Malaysia.

I would like to pretend that Yelp heard my prayer, because Yelp is now officially in Malaysia, making it the 31st international market. For those who are not familiar with Yelp, here are 3 things that you need to know about the app.

1. Created in 2004, Yelp’s purpose was to assist users to look for great local businesses such as hair stylists, dentists, and mechanics.

2. User can also use Yelp to look for events, lists, and communicate with other Yelpers (volunteer users).

3. The app uses an automated software to recommend the most reliable and useful reviews to the Yelpers.

Miriam Warren, the vice president of Yelp said, “We’re focused on bringing Yelp to the whole world, to share it with everyone because we really believe it will benefit consumers and local businesses.”

With Yelp available in Malaysia, tourists can now have the access to find out the best local delicacies, entertainment, services, and more. The Malaysian version went live on May 7 on Thursday. User can also access the “Weekly Yelp” column to obtain local updates regarding the latest business openings as well as other exciting happenings in the area.

Currently the Malaysian version of Yelp already contains a listing of 1,000 local businesses and most of the reviews are mainly in Kuala Lumpur.

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Image Credit: Yelp

Image Credit: Yelp

Users can read and submit reviews to Yelp in three different languages: English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. Apart from that, the site has also been localised to blend in with the Malaysian culture by tweaking its search algorithms to match local searches. For instance, user can type in “laksa”, “rojak”, or “nasi lemak” and a list of local stores offering them will be shown.

Image Credit: Yelp

Image Credit: Yelp

Malaysia is famous for its holiday destinations and the local delicacies. With Yelp being accessible in our country, this would hopefully shape and improve travel experiences.

It will be interesting to see how Yelp will fare in comparison with other standalone review sites which are usually segregated according to respective genres such as food, services, entertainment, and so on.

This first crowdsourcing site that covers a whole range of business and service categories, including food, shopping, saloons and car repair workshops is now available and free for download for AndroidiOS as well as Windows devices. Users can also use the site on their smartphones or desktops.

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