How-old.net: Why You Shouldn’t Be Taking It So Seriously

How old do you think Jesus Christ is? Maybe, 2000 years? Well, according to how-old.net, He’s 37!

Image Credit: how-old.net

Image Credit: how-old.net

How-old.net is a wacky website that promises to guess your age once you upload a picture of yourself or someone else. Well, most of guesses are wrong, and many may be disappointed by the result. In fact, some people are so disappointed by the result that they feel that they should get under the knife. To them I say, yes, you do, not because you look old but because you just have to.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Taking It Seriously

How-old.net isn’t a serious game or even a serious website that is supposed to guess your age right. It’s actually a demo that was created for the day 2 keynote of Microsoft’s Build 2015 developer conference. Engineers from Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft, Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian built the demo in order to show other developers and engineers that they can easily build clever apps using the Face detection API’s provided by Microsoft Azure.

The website is mostly able to recognize gender and it’s able to locate faces but it sucks at guessing the person’s age. The whole thing was put together within a day and it was sent via email to several hundred within Microsoft so that it could be tested but within a few hours, over 210 000 images were submitted to the site and over 350000 users from all around the world tried out the site.

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The three main components of the app are essentially the app’s ability to extract the gender and the age, obtaining real time insights and displaying the results in a real time dashboard. If you’re interested to know more details of how the app was created, you can check out this link here.

But again, it wasn’t meant to be a tool for accurately estimating one’s age just purely based on one’s picture.

Image Credit: localtvwiti.files.wordpress.com

Image Credit: localtvwiti.files.wordpress.com

Tis’ But A Number

Even though the website was created with an aim of being a demo, it still needs to be improved, given that it has been used numerous times. Firstly, the website needs a button through which people can take a picture of themselves. The whole process of downloading a picture of your face and then uploading it to the site is just cumbersome.

The share button plugs in the whole social aspect to the website and it’s probably the reason as to why I’m seeing so many ugly faces with numbers, all over my Facebook news feed.

Overall, given that the site was put together within a day, it’s more than a decent website and it implements a few of the APIs provided through Project Oxford.

While the website is a good source of fun to many, it is much more than just an website. It’s a testament to all of the wonderful applications that can be created by developers around the world through the API’s that were released by Microsoft earlier this week.

So what if this particular demo thinks your 44 when you’re actually 16? Just get over it!

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