M’sian Startup yesHelper Wants Us To Leverage On The Rise Of Micro Jobs

yesHelper is a new Malaysian micro jobs platform that’s founded and based in Penang. It links people who needs micro jobs (jobs paid by the hour) done with helpers who can do those jobs. The startup was developed by five members, and consist of two software programmers, one UI/UX designer, a community manager and founder, Kenny Chan.

The faces behind yesHelper. (Image Credit: yesHelper)

The faces behind yesHelper, with Kenny in the middle. (Image Credit: yesHelper)

“It was until one fine day that I had a conversation with my friend whose dad was a handyman. She said that her dad always has issues finding new customers. That was when we thought that we could build a web and mobile application that could help her dad find new customers easily,” said Kenny.

Kenny also cites the idea for yesHelper as coming from his sister and brother-in-law, who couldn’t find full-time employment after migrating to Australia. “They depended on micro jobs for a living. They were able to survive comfortably working on micro jobs. They have since put that experience behind and are now employers providing micro jobs,” explained Kenny.

It’s Not Just A Service Startup, It’s Also A Job Opportunity

With the growing number of startups that act as marketplaces for services, one thing that sets yesHelper apart from its competition is the way they pay their helpers. “It is a given: all helper platforms and cleaning companies have to compete for their market share. We believe in empowering individuals rather than businesses. We have built-in a gamification process to encourage workers to earn more money. Helpers are paid weekly instead of monthly,” Kenny told Vulcan Post.

Apart from that, yesHelper also actively sources for new helpers, hoping to position itself as a platform that can offer people — especially those from low and middle-income groups who need help in looking for part-time jobs — a way to supplement their salaries or even secure a main source of income.

According to The Guardian, many Americans have been turning to part-time jobs to make a living since the 2008 recession, with some taking on jobs on a freelance basis. On top of that, Kenny added, “In developed countries such as Australia and United States, about 30-50% of the workforce survive on micro (part-time) jobs. The trend for the demand of micro (part-time) jobs is increasing yearly.

“Even in the Internet world, we are using cloud servers for the same reasons. We believe that this is the right time to disrupt the method of sourcing and delivering of micro (part-time) jobs.”

Zukfikar, the first helper to sign up with yesHelper. (Image Credit: yesHelper)

“We are hoping to provide opportunities on the yesHelper platform to single parents, students above 18 years of age, retirees and other groups of people who need micro jobs to supplement their income,” said Kenny.

He further mentioned, “My personal philosophy is to create a platform that will change the life of helpers, as well as customers, through the use of the latest web and mobile technology.”

How To Hire A Helper?

Hiring a helper through yesHelper is as straightforward as it can get. This infographic says it all:

Image Credit: yesHelper

Image Credit: yesHelper

The Trust Factor

One of the biggest concerns for Malaysians when hiring cleaners is whether they’re reliable. To ensure that helpers are trustworthy and suitable to take on jobs, all applicants must first go through an interview session. They are also required to submit their names to a private investigator in order for the company to perform a police check on their background.

On Future Plans

yesHelper presently covers only Penang, but the team is planning to expand the business to Klang Valley and other major cities in Malaysia soon. The venture is also currently self-funded, but team members are in the process of talking to angel and venture funders to move this project forward. “Perhaps if the platform has gained traction, we may even expand to other ASEAN countries like Singapore,” said Kenny.

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