The Hype Behind The Lip-Syncing App Dubsmash That’s Got People Hooked

For those who’re not on social media very often, you might not know about a trend that’s making its way round the Internet right now. It involves people uploading videos of themselves on Instagram, lip-syncing to various audio clips. And they’re doing this thanks to an app called Dubsmash.

Created by a group of German developers — Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik — Dubsmash was released in November last year. And since then, the hastag #dubsmash has already gotten over 1.6 million posts tagged to it. Even celebrities like actors Hugh Jackman, Lena Dunham, and Demi Moore, and footballer Neymar have hopped on the Dubsmash bandwagon.

The Dubsmash Founders. Image Credit: gruenderszene.de

The Dubsmash Founders. (Image Credit: gruenderszene.de)

The Dubsmash app is available on iOS and Android devices. If you’re familiar with Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battle, then the app should be no problem for you to operate. Basically, what Dubsmash does is it allows users to record videos of themselves, then dub the videos with audio recordings from their favourite TV shows, movies, songs, catchphrases, historical quotes and etc. They can then share the dubbed videos over Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, or save them to their galleries and upload them onto social media sites.

App Walkthrough

As soon as you sign into the app, you will find that audio clips have been categorised into three main tabs: “trending”, “latest” and “soundboards”. Each tab is broken down into even more sub-categories. You won’t require a Dubsmash account in order to use the app; just dub away by choosing your favourite audio files.

Before deciding on an audio file, you can preview it first. If you like it, click on it and the app will launch the front camera of your phone for you to record your dub. If you’re not good with selfies, you can also choose to use the back camera and ask someone else to record the video for you.

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Users can also upload new audio clips, if they don’t ones that they like in the Dubsmash audio bank. But to do that, you will have to create an account with your email address. This will give you an Add Song option the next time you login to the app. Take note, though, that the app doesn’t allow users to register through other social media platforms.

Personal Opinion

I’m hooked.

The main reason is because the app provides me with a platform to channel my inner entertainer and enhance my sense of humour. I’m not being conceited or anything, but deep down, I’m a comedian — or maybe a wrestler, considering that this is the first dubsmash I made after downloading the app.

Image Credit: blog.2gzr.com

Image Credit: blog.2gzr.com

The app is also easy to use. It works best when you’re lip-syncing to someone or something that you like, or that you can relate to. An Iggy Azalea fan can get her dream rapper voice straight from the app. Dreaming of having a British accent? If you can find a recording, Dubsmash it.

Even local celebs like Dennis Yin is having fun with it with this video which went viral on Facebook with more than 35k shares in just over a week.

Don’t ever touch Denquishia’niqua’s hair.. EVER. #fliphairallday #dontmesswithmyhair #justforlaugh #dubsmash

Posted by Dennis Yin on Sunday, 12 April 2015

Final Verdict

Some people have been questioning if it is legal to use copyright recordings to dub their videos. Despite these concerns, though, the app continues to create waves in the social media sphere. And it’s not surprising: Dubsmash is a creative app, easy to use, and hard to get bored with. MeiPai is s0 2014 —  have fun and make people laugh instead by adding flair to silly short videos with Dubsmash.

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