Wobb: A One-Of-A-Kind Job App For The Smartphone Generation — With A Hint Of Tinder

One of the websites we predicted would influence our lives in 2015 was Wobb, and it seems that the team at Wobb is making that prediction come true. Wobb is an online job search platform which lists employers according to their companies, and allows jobseekers to have a closer look at the people, culture, and work environment of various companies before sending in their applications.

The smartphone generation of Malaysia values the importance of searching for the right job, as proven in our Vulcan Post Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 whereby Wobb was runner-up the the category of ‘Malaysian startup of the year’. To better cater to the needs of jobseekers, Wobb has revolutionised job-seeking by creating an app that is user-friendly and has a simple interface, so users can apply for jobs anytime, anywhere.

Screenshot from wobb.my

Screenshot from wobb.my

Goodbye To Time-Consuming Job Application Procedures

Whenever we think of searching and applying for jobs, there is one thing we cannot run away from — lengthy emails and the tedious process of filling up job application forms. Sometimes, even typing out the email to be sent to the company is a pain because you’re typing and ‘backspace’-ing over and over just to make sure you word your email right. The Wobb app seeks to get rid of all these time-consuming procedures, and get to what matters most: instant delivery of your resume to the company of your choice.

“We understand how difficult it is for young talents to find a good employer with the right fit for them. And as our young workforce becomes increasingly mobile, job search becomes very difficult if you have to do it in front of a PC,” explained Derek Toh, co-founder of Wobb. “To date, no platform has been able to make job search work well on mobile phones which have smaller screens. But we believe we have the answer.”

What’s The Answer?


Yup, Wobb has brought Tinder’s famous swipe feature to job applications. Swiping right indicates that you have an interest in the company, and that you want to apply for the position. Your resume is then sent directly to that particular company. Of course, you have to first ‘upload’ your resume by emailing it to the Wobb team.

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Left: What’s displayed in my app account. Right: The email sent to remind me to send them my CV

What would complete the whole Tinder-feel, of course, is if a notification pops up saying “It’s A Match!” if the company ‘likes’ you too, and if you could proceed to initiate a conversation with the hiring manager of the company.

And that is exactly what might be coming soon, as hinted to me by Derek. No specific details were given, but basically, the next version of the app will include a notification feature. The company will review your resume and if they are keen on hiring you, a notification will be sent to you via the Wobb app itself to let you know that you’ve got a ‘Match’.

A few seconds spent navigating the app is enough to show you that Wobb was clearly built and designed to deliver the goal in the simplest way possible. Users can filter the jobs available based on their preferences (accounting, consulting, creative, education, engineering, etc.) and then begin to swipe away. No frills, no fancies.


Josh Teng, co-founder of Wobb, explained, “We are developing a unique technology to match employers and jobseekers based not just on skills, but also on culture-fit.”

Clicking on the profile of the job would lead you to the description of the job, company, pictures of people in the company and the office environment. However, like the Wobb website, salaries of respective jobs are not given because they prefer users not to make salaries their main priority. As Derek said in a previous interview with us, “Most of the employers on Wobb actually pay well, but we don’t want that to be the focus of jobseekers that come onto Wobb.”


After a few minutes of swiping, however, I realised that I couldn’t quite keep track of the companies that I’ve swiped right to. Unfortunately, there is no history function for users to review the companies that they’ve sent their resume to (very much like Tinder, because you also cannot revisit profiles of users whom you’ve already swiped). What would help in this case would be a download function for users to download the profiles of companies which they’ve applied to.

Also, once you’ve swiped left or right, there’s no turning back. Those profiles will not reappear, even if you reset your job preferences. So it would be best to make sure that your resume is always up-to-date so the latest one gets sent to the companies, and that you don’t accidentally swipe left on a job that you are actually interested in. Because then, that dream job will be gone forever, never to become a reality, much like your dreams of riding a unicorn.

Just kidding: you can always go to the Wobb website and send an application to the company. Or if you’re desperate, you could just reinstall the app, which is available in the Google Playstore and on iTunes.

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