Food Delivery Service YumYumm Brings Wholesome Home-Cooked Meals To Penangites

Having balanced meals play an important part in maintaining good health. And balanced meals consist of ingredients from a mix of food groups. A regular Subway meal, for example, would include bread, plenty of vegetables, and proteins like meat and cheese. Different food groups provide different types of nutrients to our body.

However, when one is living a fast-paced lifestyle — especially working professionals — we often neglect to eat a balanced meal. Some people just grab a bun, or a roti canai and daal without vegetables or proteins, and call it a meal.

From Marketer To Healthy Food Provider

Prior to operating Yumyumm, May Chuah was working in the entertainment industry as a marketing executive. Together with her partners Wee Gene Peh and Wei Chi Chan, she started the business, taking 6 months to come up with a solid business plan and bringing to life the food delivery service on Penang Island.


“Cooking has always been my passion, so I decided to give it a try with both of my friends. Yumyumm Lunchbox delivery service was started because there’s a lack of wholesome, home-cooked lunch for urban professionals,” said May. Dedicated to working professionals who usually stay in during lunch hour, Yumyumm provides a balanced diet in a lunchbox made with love.

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Made At Home, Tastes Like Home

For a reasonable price ranging from RM12.90 to RM14.90, Yumyumm Lunchboxes are made based on home-cooked recipes, and are sent to your doorstep. May has always been interested in cooking, and credits her interest to memories of being in her grandmother’s kitchen when she was about nine years old.


“I started washing and cutting vegetables when I was just about 9 years old. I always wanted to cook, but I didn’t have the recipes. I would just remember that I saw my grandmother or mum placing all the prepared ingredients in the wok,” said May. She also thought that it would be a great idea if she could build on her interest to make delicious food for her friends and family, and by sharing home-cooked meals with other people.

On Food Delivery Services

As a new startup, May said that they are always open to feedback and comments, as good customer service is essential when operating a delivery service. She continued, “being a new startup, we’re all about listening to customer feedback so that we can provide more value in terms of convenience and wholesome lunches.”

They currently deliver to Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Tikus, Georgetown, and Greenlane. Yumyumm Lunchbox launched on April 1st this year, and the page has already accumulated more than 10,000 likes since.


“Yumyumm Lunchbox is still very new, we constantly face challenges such as coping with increasing orders. At the same time, we are also trying to build a culture of healthy eating and planning your meals ahead,” said May.

What’s next for Yumyumm?

In the coming month, foodies can expect more wholesome lunchbox menus. Currently, Yumyumm is still operating through Facebook and Instagram, but customers will be able to place their orders via Yumyumm’s very own website, which will be launching soon. Yumyumm will be operating on a 5-day week basis, and their delivery time lasts from 12.30pm – 2.30pm.

All images used are from May Chuah.

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