The Offpeak.my Team Shares How They Reached 350+ Restaurants In Just 8 Months

Offpeak.my has worked tirelessly to bring the best dining deals to their users who patronise restaurants and cafés at their respective offpeak hours. Launched in August 2014, they’ve recently hit 10,000 likes on their Facebook page and have over 350 restaurants listed on their online booking platform.

Other than the Offpeak.my website, the Offpeak.my app was also launched just 2 months ago in February to please foodies with instant reservations and discounts. The app’s download count is between 1,000 to 5,000 on the Google PlayStore, and has a rating of 4.3 stars.

Image Credit: Offpeak.my

Image Credit: Offpeak.my

From Desktop Monitors To Phone Screens

According to the Offpeak.my team, preparation for the app launch has been their main obstacle for the past few months. On top of their day jobs, the team was busy testing the app on various types of phones so that they could push the app out as soon as possible. Fortunately, everyone on the team are users of different mobile phones, so they could all be involved in fiddling with the prototype and testing it to give their feedback so that the app could be launched in its best form.


The friendly folks at Offpeak.my shared that most of their reservations now are currently done via desktop; however, despite their app being so new, the app’s downloads and usage is experiencing healthy growth. With more people having to make quick decisions on where they should eat while they are out and about, it is safe to say that reservations made via the app should continue to increase steadily.

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Sticking Firmly To Their Roots And Alignment

While most businesses and startups face the challenge of having to spend time and resources on evolving and adapting to the needs and wants of their customers and clients, it is surprising to note that Offpeak.my’s stance and business direction has not changed from day 1.

“Neither the restaurants nor users are being charged for services from Offpeak.my and we still endeavour to provide the best service to both restaurants and users alike,” the team said.

Screenshot from Offpeak.my

Screenshot from Offpeak.my

“Another thing that we pride ourselves at Offpeak.my is that we haven’t the need to tweak our business direction from the day we launched until today. This is possible as we had a few months prior to the launch to develop the site, talk to restaurants and understand their needs and concerns prior to launching Offpeak.my back in August,” they explained.

One other secret to their success so far is the bond and unity of the team. Offpeak.my believes that their success can be attributed to the strong team that they have recruited. They shared that the founders spend plenty of time with the team to ensure that they share the same vision, goals, and successes. “There’s a strong openness in communication with everyone in Offpeak.my to ensure alignment,” they said.

The Offpeak.my team

The Offpeak.my team

From The Co-Founders Themselves

I asked the co-founders of Offpeak.my, Tan Ban Eu and Lau Ngee Keong, to share their growth and vision for the future of their 8-month old startup, and here is what they had to say:

I believe that in terms of working environment, I had envisioned Offpeak.my to be the best place to work and we have continuously worked towards that. Today, much of our successes is attributed to a great Offpeak.my team. I pride myself in saying that we have successfully created a working environment where work doesn’t feel like work — and therefore a recipe to a very happy and motivated team.

— Tan Ban Eu

As for Offpeak.my as a whole, we aim to be the food expert wherever we have our presence. The measurement for this is when our customers tell us that they look to Offpeak.my when they are deciding where to dine out. To date, we have received feedback from customers via our Facebook and email either thanking us, or informing us of any “issues” they have faced at restaurants, or on our app or website. And when we thank them for their feedback and apologise for any inconvenience caused, we usually get replies that they just wanted to let us know and expect nothing in return from us. That attests to how our users are genuinely using our services and loving it.

— Lau Ngee Keong

A majority of the deals listed on Offpeak.my are in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor), with 1 in Pahang, 2 in Perak, and 8 in Penang; but the 14-member Offpeak.my team are looking to grow to other states and bring their service to more foodies all around Malaysia.

And to that we say: Go forth and conquer, Offpeak.my.

In conjuction with their recent milestone of 10k likes on Facebook, Offpeak.my has just launched a campaign to give away 2 iPad Mini 3 (16GB) to 1 lucky winner and his/her friend. To participate in the running to win an iPad Mini 3, you can visit Offpeak.my’s Facebook page here.

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