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Starting your own business below the age of 30 almost seems like the norm these days: just take a look at Malaysian entrepreneurs such as Jack Tang, Kricia Bong, Joel Neoh, and so many others. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to how young entrepreneurs get to where they are. We believe that it’s often about the people you meet and the opportunities in life that help along the way!

The birth of Splore.my

This is exactly what Chris and Steve had in mind when they started Splore.my. Proving wrong the age old saying “The road to success is a lonely one”, Splore.my brings together young Malaysian entrepreneurs and businesses to learn and grow together — all through one easy platform.


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Chris and Steve were high school friends who kept in touch all throughout university while studying actuarial science and commerce respectively. Both share an interest in entrepreneurship, and have attended many entrepreneurship events throughout the years. However, they found it frustrating whenever they missed out on other great events due to the lack of information available.

“We then came up with the idea of a website that would gather the best business and technology events to attract people of a similar interest,” Chris told Vulcan Post. Partnering with others — like 1337 Accelerator, #opencoffeeclubkl, Google Business Group Malaysia, all of whom are also encouraging the startup scene — Chris wants to focus on technology-related businesses as he sees its potential to grow.

Splore.my profile

Chris (left) and his business partner Steve (right)

Connecting young entrepreneurs

Knowing that knowledge from experience is one of the most valuable things a senior business person can offer a young entreprenuer, Chris hopes that through making these events known, Splore.my can encourage young Malaysian entrepreneurs and businesses to connect, learn, and grow. “I’ve known a few cases where the speaker eventually becomes a mentor or an angel investor of an event participant’s projects!” he told us excitedly.

Plans are to grow Splore.my into a startup hub where individuals interested in starting their own businesses can obtain useful information through a vaierty of ways, such as video recordings of previous events, services from other startups, and possibly a discussion center too. “We hope to organise our very own event in the future,” Chris said.

If you’re looking to mix and mingle with others in the field of business and technology, find out when and where the next event will take place on Splore.my.

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