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Does Vanessa Kumares Deserve The Title Of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015?

Vanessa Tevi Kumares was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 last week. The 24-year-old tourism management graduate is of Chinese and Indian descent, and was born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The biracial beauty queen interned in the United States for a year, and is currently working at a hotel in Singapore.

Image Credit: Kelvin Sing

Image Credit: Kelvin Sing

Vanessa is also a sporty person. She used to be a synchronised swimmer at school, and she enjoys high adrenaline activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving. In many ways, Vanessa is just like many of us — except, of course, that she’s now also the winner of a beauty pageant.

You might think that there’s nothing wrong with that: after all, the finalists have all earned their place in the competition, and each have as much chances of winning as the next. Netizens, however, don’t seem to think so. Many are starting to question her win, with a mixture of anger, surprise and sheer bewilderment reflected on Facebook. It seems Vanessa was not the most popular choice among her fellow competitors for the title.

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Of course, many also voiced their support for Vanessa, countering the hate she received on social media.


Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation’s national director, Carey Ng, said, “The judges chose her because they saw a spark in her that gave her potential to represent the country. We want to hone that spark so that in due time, she will be ready to bring a good name to Malaysia on the international stage.”

The Chindian Diaries — a Facebook page in Malaysia dedicated to those who identify themselves as Chindian — also posted words of encouragement for Vanessa, and encouraged Internet users to write words of encouragement for her as a show of moral support:

Firstly, it doesn’t matter to me who won (Chindian or not!), but I am furious that these trolls feel a need to start attacking Vanessa on her OWN page. Really reflects their shallowness and immaturity.

Secondly, why hate on her — she didn’t exactly have anything to do with the results. If you want to disagree, ask the judges themselves. I am sure they have their own reasons why she was crowned Miss Universe.

Thirdly, I am disgusted with the amount of misogynistic messages. No one deserves all that ridicule and cyber bullying, especially attacks on her physical attributes.

Can I ask that each of you write her some words of support and encouragement on her page. Please flood her wall with positive messages and drown the negative naysayers!

Vanessa, you have our support! ‪#‎teamvanessa‬

Anyhow, congratulations to Vanessa Tevi Kumares for winning the title of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 from Vulcan Post Malaysia. Vanessa definitely deserved her title, and we wish her all the best in the Miss Universe Pageant.

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