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[REVIEW] Huawei P8 Max: A Supersized Phablet With Great Battery Life

There are smart phones, then there are phablets…and then there’s the Huawei P8 Max.

Image credit: Android Central

Image Credit: Android Central

Strictly speaking, it should fall within the category of a phablet. But it straddles the fine line between phablet and tablet with its 6.8-inch display, making it a supersized device that frankly, may be a few centimeters too big to be considered truly portable.

Still, the P8 Max exists — and for all intents and purposes, it does seem like there is a demand for it in the Malaysian market.


Image credit: Stuff

Image Credit: Stuff

As a crossover device, the Huawei P8 Max’s size already carves a very specific niche in the market. I can assume (soon to be) fans of the device won’t be ones who own an iPhone 6 Plus or Note 3, if only because of its size. It’s more tablet than it is phone. But with its given price tag — US$585 for the 32GB, plus another US$100 to upgrade to the 64GB — it’s pleasantly affordable.

It costs significantly less than the leading phablets, and the added heft for the significantly lower price tag is a small price to pay for all the benefits of a fully functional, perfectly efficient phablet.


It supports a 6.8 inch full HD screen powered by an octacore processor with 4GB of RAM. Given that, you can expect the screen to be impressively vibrant even in low light conditions, with a great visual experience for viewing.


Image Credit:

Image Credit:

The front facing camera features an 8MP, wide-angle view, allowing you to take selfies with ease. If you’re wondering what an 8MP camera can produce, think of the Nexus 5 main camera. At the back, it has a 13MP camera packed with optical image stabilisation, including a feature that allows you to capture light trails for really cool night photos. This is on top of a director mode and a time-lapse feature. Still not as great as the Samsung or iPhone, but pretty decent given the price.

Battery Life

The battery life is completely parallel to its size. With full use of all its basic features, you can get a little over two days on the Huawei P8 Max on a full single charge — way above what the Galaxy Note or the iPhone 6 Plus can offer. With heavy use, you get about a day and a half.


Image Credit: Android Phone Hub

Image Credit: Android Phone Hub

Another impressive point: the device — with all its bells and whistles and impressive battery life — is housed in a sleek, aluminum unibody shell, with Gorilla Glass 4 for the screen.

That said, it’s not going to be an easy phone to hold. You can also forget about attempting to text with one hand, or trying to stuff it in your back pocket if you need to quickly free your hands up.

Still, if it comes down to carrying a tablet and a smartphone, the Huawei P8 Max is a great substitute — particularly for RPG gamers who will require great battery life and 6 inches of screen to play.

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