#GetFitWithVP: Evie Wong, Founder & Designer Of Swimwear Label Solmer Swims

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Evie Wong is the founder and designer of Solmer Swims, a local swimwear label catering to women who are all for unique designs and unwavering quality. She’s also a big fan of yoga, which she started doing because she used to have sleeping problems. This was despite the fact that she was working out regularly and practicing healthy eating.

“Yoga has made me a more wholesome individual, and I am so much stronger now than I ever was before,” said Evie.

We had the privilege of asking Evie about the fitness apps and gadgets that she uses, as well as her fitness mantra, so we can be inspired to have fantastic flexibility and upper body strength like her!

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What fitness related mobile apps do you use? 

I used to frequently use N+TC and My Fitness Pal when I went to the gym to workout. But ever since I started yoga, I don’t use my phone anymore, haha.

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Do you watch YouTube videos to work out? If yes, which YouTubers do you subscribe to/watch?

I’m a big fan of Kino Yoga so I subscribe to her on YouTube for techniques and tips to aid my yoga practice. I also browse other YouTubers for their options/assist in poses.


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What is your fitness mantra?

I don’t have any, to be honest! When I practice, I do it to my best ability and as many times a day as I can. If I can sit down doing nothing for 10 minutes, then I definitely have time to get on my mat and practice.

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What are the gadgets you use while working out?

I like listening to music while I practice at home, so it’s either the PC, my phone, or my iPod shuffle.

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What is your favourite website or app for healthy recipes?

That’s easy! Skinnytaste.com! Simple and oh so good!

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Any words of encouragement for fitness lovers/people who want to get healthy?

I’d say start now! Stop the self-judgement (i.e., too stiff, too fat, back injury, knee injury, etc.) and the procrastination; just do something. And if you’ve already started, great job! Keep going! It might be tough at times but I can promise you it’ll be so worth it! You only have one body, so make sure it’s a good place for your soul to reside in!

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All images used are from Evie Wong, check out her Instagram account here.

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