Before & After: Hotel Reservation App HotelQuickly Gets A Stunning Makeover

If you’ve been kicked out of your house by your spouse or if you’re living the life of a fugitive like Edward Snowden; and you’re always on the lookout for a “comfortable” place to stay, then HotelQuickly is probably what you need in your life.

HotelQuickly is a last-minute hotel booking app that promises to help you find a bed (along with room service and other amenities) near you. HotelQuickly is an app to have on your smartphone while you travel the world or wander around life aimlessly.

We last featured HotelQuickly and reviewed the app last December, and it currently features more than 5000 hotels from over 190 destinations from 15 countries. To date, the app has been downloaded over 700,000 times but the team hasn’t stopped there — they’ve been busting their butts to improve the app’s functionality, aesthetics and its user experience.

Tomas Laboutka, CEO of Hotel Quickly, during the unveiling of the app's makeover in March

Tomas Laboutka, CEO of Hotel Quickly, during the unveiling of the app’s makeover in March

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“We had people from every department hitting the streets beta-testing the new version to find out what people around Asia-Pacific really think of both the process and look. We’ve taken all of this research back to our designers and developers to create a truly stunning new version. It has been months of tireless work, but the team and I are immensely proud of this new rollout,” shared Tomas Laboutka, the CEO and Co-Founder of HotelQuickly.

Finally, the long wait is over and we get to have a look at how the app has improved with its spanking new design.

Loading Page



The loading page of the app looks a lot more inviting with the background image; however, I am a tad bit disappointed that there are no more funny sentences to greet me.

List of Countries and Cities


1 2


21 22


Before the makeover, the long list of countries and cities gave me a bit of a headache. Scrolling through all the items listed were a bit of a pain and somehow, I would always tend to scroll past ‘Malaysia’ and have to scroll back up slowly to find it. Now, with the countries listed first and then the cities, it is a whole lot more easier to look for what you want.

Plus, having a feature image for each country gives a nice personal touch.

Side Menu Bar

Before and After:

6 29

The side menu bar is clear and users will find it easy to navigate their way around the app. I like how it now takes up the whole screen with a semi-transparent design instead of the previous menu bar which just appears at the side.

List of Hotels

Before and After:

34 20

The list of hotels now run smoothly one after another and the highlighted hotel will expand to display the discount offered and hotel rating.

Map of Hotels

Before and After:

11 17

Browsing for hotels based on its location is much easier now with the scroll feature at the top. By scrolling left and right, the hotel location will be displayed on the map and the price will be highlighted. This makes the selection process quicker as users don’t have to click on price on the map to see the hotels one by one.

Filtering Tools


38 34


18 19

Choosing the dates to check in and check out now is easier because instead of the former ‘1 night’ and ‘2 nights’ options, users can select based on the actual dates. Hotel filters are no longer at the top of the list of hotels, but rather in a separate filter menu. There’s also a new feature called ‘Top 10 Deals’ which helps users to browse hotels that had the best rates.

Hotel Information:


35 5


24 26 28 27

I cannot stress how much I love the new design as everything is pleasing to the eye. Having the pictures arranged one after another instead of the previous scrolling method is also efficient because users can see images one after another in just a matter of seconds.

Checking Out

Before and After:


One main difference here is the ‘Slide To Pay’ feature which makes it easy to complete a reservation, but also quite unnerving because of the warning sign displayed there. My advice? Make sure everything is confirmed before getting trigger-happy with the slider.

Language Options

Before and After:

7 32

The number of languages available has increased, notable additions are Bahasa Melayu and the Korean language.


Before and After:

8 31

About Us Page

Before and After:

10 30

From Plain Basic To Stunningly Sleek

Overall, the app has been redesigned to look sophisticated and stunningly sleek. Fortunately, there is one thing that the HotelQuickly team did not change — its simplicity and ease of use.

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