FB Users Goes “PFFFFFFT” At PM Najib’s Nod Of Approval Towards GST On His Facebook Post


That’s what PM Najib Razak had to say about his grocery shopping receipt at Giant Hypermarket.


PM Najib Razak paid a surprise visit to the Giant Hypermarket store at Kota Damansara yesterday to inspect the implementation and impact of GST on the prices of goods. According to his observation, the prices in the hypermarket were reasonably priced and the basic essentials are zero-rated as specified by the government.


Facebook users were, however, less than impressed and his Facebook posts that are related to GST are flooded with angry comments from dissatisfied Malaysians.


Malaysians are not alone in the struggles of GST, it seems that Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy, the Customs Department GST Director is also facing GST nightmares. In an article by The Star, the GST director said, “I’ve basically been eating, breathing and sleeping GST.”

Subromaniam shared with The Star that people have scolded him in public, and his close friends and family members had endless questions for him, mostly about whether the prices will go up.

He is so occupied with GST matters that he has no time to attend any parties or social functions, and has even lost some friends because he’s “just not around”. Instead, he resorts to using Whatsapp as his medium for interaction. “I’m quite grateful for Whatsapp because at least there is some interaction with friends there,” he told The Star.

Well, Datuk, we feel you. With the rising cost of food, we’d probably have to cut down on yum cha sessions and depend on Whatsapp to interact with our friends as well.

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