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Professional Motorsports Driver Leona Chin Shows Us How To Really Fail A Driving Test

Jokes are funny, but pranks are the best. Everyone has gotten pranked at least once before, especially those on their first day at a new job or school. And that is exactly what happened when these poor driving instructors — who were new to the job — got a taste of ‘seniors pranking freshmen’.

A while ago, a Malaysian driving school asked local YouTube channel MaxMan.TV and professional motorsports driver Leona Chin to take part in a hilarious prank. You might recognise her:


Leona disguised herself as a student driver who was attempting the standardised road test for the first time. She was required to take the test in her own car, so she used one of her motorsports cars, attaching an ‘L’ driving sticker to the rear bumper to make it look believable.

When the driving instructors asked her why she had such a car, she simply brushed it off by saying, “I borrowed my brother’s car,” which adequately convinced the instructors.

I mean, with a transformation such as this, who wouldn’t believe her ?

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She initially pretended to lack the necessary driving skills, driving very slowly and even stalling the car several times, up to the point where the driving instructors shook their heads and told her that she lacked practice.

Later, though, with determination and a hidden agenda behind her glee, she urged the instructors to give her one more chance to try and win them over — which they did. They had no idea what driving horrors she had in store for them.

Image Credit:elite daily

Image Credit: Elite Daily

She began channelling her inner pro-race driver instincts, and put her foot to the pedal to begin her speed run. As expected, her instructors were terrified, and begged her to stop. Sadly, their pleas fell onto deaf ears, as she decided to go even faster. To top it all off, she began to show off her prowess by drifting around the course in circles, making donut rings on the asphalt and burning loads of rubber.

When she decided to stop and take a break, nearly all the instructors stepped out of the car and didn’t even look back. I guess they were just a little (I mean extremely) shaken up by their little surprise. Leona had to step out of the car just to stop them, and tell them that they were part of a prank that had been caught on camera.


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You can catch all the action here on YouTube.

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