This Young Man Restored Our Faith In Humanity, All Thanks To A Lost iPad

Crime rates have always been a big concern to those of us living in Malaysia; we’re no stranger to petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and theft. With all this negativity in our country, have you ever felt that we are living in a world that lacks humanity?

To change that, here is a story of Marina Mahathir and her missing iPad. It’s a story that will restore your faith in one of the core pillars of human character — honesty.


This is what happened: Marina was at Low Yat Plaza last month, on February 12. She was hungry, so she decided to stop by at a kebab stall to order take-out food (or what we call ta-pao in Malaysia). After getting her food, she quickly walked off, leaving her iPad and its case behind.

An hour later, Marina’s secretary got a phone call from one of the workers at the kebab stall to inform her that she had left behind some items. Marina managed to get her belongings back — iPad, case, card, and everything else.

“Who says there aren’t honest people left? Thanks kebab guys, I won’t forget this!” said Marina in her Facebook post.

Two days later on February 14, Marina posted a photo to her Facebook page of herself with the worker who found her iPad, Munir.


Just yesterday (March 25), Marina went back to the kebab stall again to meet the worker of Bangladeshi descent. She found out, however, that the story was not as simple as she originally thought.

“This fellow, Mohammad Mehedee Hasan, was the one who actually found it and his supervisor was the one who found my card and called me. So poor Mehedee didn’t get credit for his honesty and I would like to redress that now,” said Marina in her Facebook post.


Marina continued by sharing more about Mehedee’s background:

“Mehedee is 26 and just completed his accounting and information systems studies at Jagannath University in Dhaka. He is the eldest of five children of Dr Md Shajahan Mia and comes from the village of Chandpur. He is here for a short while to get some experience outside his country and will go home soon.”

“He told me that his father had taught him that working hard and doing good to others is what he as a Muslim should do. I was very moved and said his parents had done a very good job in bringing him up. And I promised to pray for him and his colleagues.”

Marina wanted to offer Mehedee a reward for his honesty. However, the workers declined, saying, “all I want are your prayers, Madame”.

Nevertheless, this incident has led many Facebook users to show their appreciation for Mehedee’s deed, by commenting on, and giving compliments on his honesty.

Thank you for returning the iPad, Mehedee! Bless you for acknowledging and praying for him, Marina. I will say a prayer for him and his parents too. — Hani Mohamed

A fine young man indeed. My prayers for him and his parents too. — Mokhzani Mohamad

Wonderful. Anyone in IT line willing to offer a post for this good guy ? A man of good character plus talent — please spend more years in Malaysia. We welcome u. — Tan Ching Koon

I had a similar experience and am happy just to know that there are good and honest people out there regardless of creed, colour or belief. They are the truly inspiring people in our world! — Nigel Wong

His name does sound like your dad’s, Marina. I have been to Dhaka and they certainly feel happy to be working here. Meeting you must have been the highlight of their stay here. Alhamdulillah. — Azhar Othman

Mehedee, your act of kindness is a total gem!

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