Tech Gadgets To Offer To Your Ancestors This Qing Ming Festival

The Qing Ming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Festival, is celebrated by people in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, along with other Chinese communities across Asia like Singapore and Malaysia. For those who are not familiar with this festival, what happens is — like its name suggests — people sweep and clean up graves, burn incense and leave simple offerings such as flowers and food for their ancestors.

Some families also choose to burn paper replicas of items for the deceased to enjoy in the afterlife. Apart from the usual dresses, hats and jewellery, there have also been an increasing variety of tech gadgets being sold during the Qing Ming season, following the rise of the digital age.

Nokia Phones


Image Credit: connieinchina

Even though Nokia’s business is no more, our grandparents might have been the pioneers who used their phones all those years ago.

A Selection Of Gadgets


Image Credit: brandchannel

This is an all-in-one package containing a Sony camera, SD card, iOS charger, speaker, Windows PC, Pentax camera, iPad, iPod and Bluetooth Hearing.

iPhone 5 & iPad 2


Image Credit: theborneopost

Apple Macbook


Image Credit: thecambodiaherald

Sonia (Word Play of Sony) LCD TV

paper-lcd - techinasia

Image Credit: techinasia

Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile Phones

paper-feature-phone - techinasia

Image Credit: techinasia

Sony Ericsson

juliansi blogspot - sony ericsson

Image Credit:


iphone - cdn3.gbtimes

Image Credit: cdn3.gbtimes

iPhones, iPads, and lots of mobile phones

ipadpaper -

Image Credit:

Playstation PSP, Digital Camera

Image Credit: rosamundwo

As you can see, there are many paper replicas of modern tech items. Some have been reluctant to purchase them, however, as these items were probably not yet in existence while their ancestors were alive. Nevertheless, its undeniable that the producers of these replicas are a pretty imaginative bunch.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for a replica of the fitness tracker — it will at least be easier to use, and could help my grandparents stay motivated on their journey to improve their health.

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