5 Free Mobile Apps That Will Help You Sell Second-Hand Items In Malaysia

I’m not exactly sure about guys, but many girls I know face the problem of having a wardrobe full of clothes, yet have nothing to wear. To get rid of unwanted but brand new clothing, some girls sell their pieces online, posting them on eBay, Facebook, and other websites. However, shopping and selling — like most things nowadays — are just an app away, and platforms like Mudah and eBay (which honestly remind us of the 90’s) are slowly losing their appeal due to the rise of mobile apps.

Today, we present to you our go-to mobile apps for those times when we want to sell off some pre-loved clothes, or even second hand items.

1. Carousell Malaysia

Image Credit: Carousell

Image Credit: Carousell

The Singapore-made app was created in 2012, and it has expanded to reach us here in Malaysia as of last year. It works like a mobile marketplace, and aims to provide users with a simple way to sell their stuff. It’s as easy as taking a photo and posting it to Instagram; the app even comes with a variety of pre-loaded photo filters which you can use to beautify your products. Carousell is available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

2. Duriana

Image Credit: techinasia

Image Credit: techinasia

The concept of Duriana (a Singapore-based startup) is similar to that of Carousell, and has been available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store since 2013. It comes with a location-based feature, enabling users to view listings near them, and allowing buyers and sellers to have real-time communication.

3. CLOSETStyles

Image Credit:

Image Credit: CLOSETStyles

Based in Malaysia, three-month-old startup CLOSETStyles is a marketplace app targeted at women who wish to buy and sell pre-loved fashion items from their wardrobes. Like how most C2Cs work, users can simply snap, list, and sell — all within 60 seconds. But what sets the app apart from other C2C apps is that CLOSETStyles sends a courier to your doorstep so that you don’t have to line up or drive to the post office to send or collect your items. The app is available only via the Apple App Store.

4. Shpock

Image Credit: Shpock

Image Credit: Shpock

Shpock describes itself as “a flea market in your pocket”, and it couldn’t be a more accurate description: scrolling through the feed is like strolling around bazaars and boot sales. And like a flea market, the app is visually appealing and allows you to negotiate prices. You can also shop and sell your items quickly by snapping a picture, writing a short description, and setting a price. The app can be used anywhere in Malaysia, and is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

5. HappySale

Image Credit: HappySale Facebook

Image Credit: HappySale Facebook

As its name suggests, HappySale wants to ensure that users have a fun and engaging mobile commerce experience. They do so by providing sellers with an easy-to-use online platform where they can sell things that they no longer need. The app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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