5 Non-Sucky Reasons To Use New Domain Name .SUCKS For Your Website

Building a website to showcase your brand is important, but giving it a catchy, easy-to-remember domain name is equally, if not more, important. It’s something all entrepreneurs and designers have to do to appeal to clients, and what better way to gauge the success of a domain name than to see if it’s memorable?

If you’re in the middle of building and naming your website, but are feeling uninspired, this might be something that could help you — or not. Because with this excellent (but possibly off-putting) web domain name, we’re certain that you can create a web name so memorable it will be hilarious.

Image Credit: ICANN

Image Credit: ICANN

The Internet Corporation Of Assigned Names and Numbers (better known as ICANN), has recently announced the release date of .SUCKS as a domain for public purchase, and it will be on 1 June 2015. That’s right: you will literally be able to name your webpage anything you want, followed by .sucks as a domain. This won’t be the first time that ICANN has released a unique domain name, as .sucks now will be joining their .sexy, .wang and .fish kin on the Internet parking lot.

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In anticipation (and slight dread) of the upcoming .sucks domain, here’re five reasons why it won’t necessarily suck to name your website .sucks:

1. Immediate brand recognition.

People will immediately remember your site and that definitely counts for something.

Whatever it is, your site name can't be as weird as these (Image Credit: http://uberhumor.com)

Whatever it is, it can’t be as weird as these (Image Credit: http://uberhumor.com)

2. You can name it anything you want while you still can.

All those generic and common names that have already been taken? Hah! Now you can use them for this domain name and you get the last laugh.

3. The puns are endless.

If it’s not brand recognition you’re after, and you’d prefer to be hilarious instead, you could go with pun-sites like life.sucks, leeches.sucks, and straws.sucks. The combinations are as endless as the possibilities, and your creativity is your only restriction. Sure it might sound grammatically incorrect, but that’s just a small error for Grammar Nazis to pick on.

4. You can have your own site where you can dump all your hate.

Imagine going home to your desktop, browsing justinbieber.sucks or kpop.sucks, and bringing together your hater friends to talk about how much you hate things together in your hate forum. And how about forming little hate-brand communities like Apple.sucks and Android.sucks? Let the wars begin.

5. You can be cheeky — professionally cheeky.

You have a great startup, you have a great brand going on, and you definitely want it to be remembered for ages to come. The only problem? Your brand name just doesn’t cut it with the .sucks domain. So what do you do? Make it ironic. mybrand.sucks, or mycooking.sucks. Humour is a great tool during negotiations — use it to your full advantage.

The Price Of .Sucks

Image Credit: ICANN

Image Credit: ICANN

You can secure your site name with the domain for a hefty US$2500, keep it on a reserved list for a year for US$200, or buy it as a consumer for US$250. You can check out their website for more details.

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