8 Malaysian Instagrammers That Do More Than Just #OOTD

Last week, Vulcan Post Singapore came up with a list of Instagrammers who do more than just post #OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day pictures, in case you’re an Instagram noob) on Instagram and because of our ‘die die also cannot lose’ attitude ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit, we at Vulcan Post Malaysia have come up with our own list. Here are eight talented Malaysian Instagrammers who do more than #OOTD on Instagram!

1. @leesamantha


Samantha Lee is a Malaysian mum who cooks highly tasty and creative meals for her children. According to her website, she started creating food art back in December 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently and adventurously. It was later in 2011 that she started sharing her food artwork on Instagram. With more than half a million followers, it’s obvious that it’s not just her kids who appreciate her food art!

2. @win_ni3


Most people have a diary that they write in, but not this creative girl. She uses her arts and crafts, design, and drawing skills to create beautiful imagery in her journals — which she then shares on Instagram. You’re probably going to hate your boring journal that’s just filled with scrawly handwriting after looking at her pictures.

3. @redhongyi


Most of us would have heard of Red by now, with her viral artwork that are made with teabags, coffee stains, chopsticks, white flowers, vegetables, and more. She uses these common objects to create portraits of famous people like Jackie Chan, Aung San Suu Kyi, Adele, and Jay Chou. Her creations prove that the paintbrush really isn’t all that necessary to be an amazing artist.

4. @samesameproject


Now THIS is one Instagram account that is truly Malaysian. Celebrating the beauty of cultural and racial diversity, this relatively new account shares pictures of Malaysians from various backgrounds. The stories of featured Malaysians are bound to make you appreciate our diversity a lot more.

5. @whatevertherewas


Bringing us a little closer to the outside world, WhateverThereWas has picturesque images from all around the globe. Point8cam — a Malaysian film maker with more than 5 years of professional experience — teamed up with his wife Hanie Hidayah (a Malaysian blogger and social media enthusiast) to create an online travel series called ‘Whatever There Was’.

On their website, it’s revealed that Whatever There Was was originally about people and places that they encountered throughout their line of work, but after three years, it evolved into a space that shared their travelling experiences in the form of written articles, photos, or videos.

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6. @zacharyyeoh


This guy’s Instagram account might give you diabetes, not only because of the food pictures, but also because of the pictures of him and his partner. His captions are helpful reviews to help you decide if a particular cafe is worth the visit.

7. @eviewe


Evie is not just a pretty face; her flexibility and upper body strength does not cease to amaze. As someone who practices yoga, she uploads pictures of herself in various poses and pictures of her really cute sugar glider!

8. @theofficialnerdbird


Dogs and cats are overrated — The Official Nerd Bird shows us that birds can be equally loving! Cyren, the nerd bird himself, takes photogenic pictures of his conure, Yoshi, and accompanies them with touching and funny captions to make us go ‘awwww’. It’s a new Instagram account with only 626 followers so far, but with Yoshi’s adorable antics, it’s poised to capture the hearts of many.

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