Fake Milo Hits Malaysia. Here’s How To NOT Get Cheated.

Let’s face it. Milo is the one drink that every Malaysian knows that’s next to water. We have it hot, cold, drizzled in desserts and even made into confectioneries and ice cream (Milo nuggets, we’re looking at you!).

Just when we thought this awesome drink would never be in the news other for being awesome, there has been a serious case as of late. It appears that even Milo could be faked as well!

How did that happen?

Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism had recently busted a Milo counterfeiting operations in Mantin, Negri Sembilan. Around RM250,000 worth of imitation Milo had been seized, along with 1,000 empty boxes, 50,000 empty plastic packs, a printer, a weighing machine and a numbering printer. There were also six immigrants from Myanmar and Indonesia that were also arrested at the area of operations.

Nestlé Malaysia takes action

In response to this issue, Nestlé Malaysia had initiated a campaign to help their consumers to differentiate between the original and the counterfeit Milo drink. A serious investigation is undergoing between Nestlé Malaysia and the Ministry to spread the public awareness and practicing careful purchasing. Customers are urged to lodge reports to respective customer services or Nestlé Malaysia directly should they have purchased counterfeit Milo products.

A public announcement on the matter by Nestlé Malaysia on their Facebook page are as follows:

“Dear fans, Nestlé Malaysia has been alerted that the authorities have found counterfeit versions of Milo packaging and Milo powder being produced in Negeri Sembilan,”

“Please be assured that we are working very closely with the relevant authorities especially the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism to ultimately curb this matter as the safety and quality of our products is a non-negotiable priority of Nestlé.”

Image Credit : Nestlé Malaysia

One of the few ways to identify if your Milo is counterfeit is through the perforation of the packaging.

Another way is the taste should you have opened it and disposed the package. Original Milo has a rich, creamy, chocolately and malty taste and texture, where the counterfeit would have a burnt cocoa taste.

State chief enforcer Saifulbahri Abdul Kadir told the media that the counterfeit product was ready to be distributed around the state, and the case will be investigated under Section 8 of the Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

If you have purchased and in possession of counterfeit Milo, you can message or complain to Nestlé Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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