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It’s Finally Happening; The Apple Watch Is On Its Way!

Apple has always had this painful habit of surprising everyone last minute with really, really important updates. At last year’s Keynote, for example, just as Tim Cook was about done with showcasing the then-upcoming iPhone 6 family, he announced that he had “one more thing” up his sleeve — which turned out to be the amazing looking Apple Watch.

Image Credit: Slashgear

Image Credit: Slashgear

And now, Apple begun sending out invites to the media for a scheduled event on the 9th of March this year, which is less than two weeks away. Of course, we know that the Apple Watch is confirmed to be the star of the show — but what else is behind those curtains of white? This is exactly what drives the Internet crazy with conspiracy theories.

Just to help us along (and to make sure the Internet goes even crazier), the invite contained a hint: “Spring forward”. What could Apple be thinking of?

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Image Credit:

So far, there are no confirmed specs on what runs the Apple Watch, but here are some established facts:

  1. It comes in 3 designs, namely the Apple Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch editions
  2. It is NFC enabled to sync with your iPhone, so you will be able to make cashless payments
  3. It does not have a touch screen, but a dial “digital crown” that lets you navigate the menus
  4. Its in-built sensors help keep track of your fitness activity and lifestyle
  5. Just like its predecessor the iPod Nano 5th generation and the current Moto 360, it will feature different designs of watch faces for endless customisation.

And here’s what we hope to see at this upcoming 9th March event (in addition to the Apple Watch, of course):

  1. Apple Beats
  2. Refreshed iPod
  3. New Macbook family
  4. Apple Car
  5. Another Apple TV

We’ll be writing more about the Apple Watch as the event unfolds, so watch this space!

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