Worthy Book And Their Quest To Keep Voucher Books Relevant To Consumers

If you are looking to put a few extra ringgit into your piggy bank, then vouchers are a great way to give you your money’s worth. Worthy Book is not a new name to some savvy Malaysians; this fun-sized booklet is packed with over a hundred coupons that feature food, beverage, shopping, health and beauty deals.

Brands Worthy Of The Worthy Book

Since 2010, this voucher booklet has been collaborating with prominent brands found at major shopping malls. Our favourite Malaysian holidays and deal seasons may last for just a couple of weeks before prices go back to normal, but with over 300 merchants under their belt, Worthy Book vouchers remain usable for a longer period of time. 

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Unlike other voucher and coupon sites, as well as some group-buying sitesWorthy Book is designed to be a shopping directory with review features and offers all in one handy booklet. The fact that it comes in book form also ensures that users who prefer a tactile experience get to hold a physical copy of the vouchers in their hands.

Vouchers in the book typically feature a brand per page, with the description of the price range, outlet address, recommendations and other offers for the particular brand in the following pages. You might come across advertisement spreads across the booklet; these ads appear throughout the year for consumers to redeem the deals at any time within the year. 

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We Were Young, We Were Naïve, And We Took A Leap of Faith

Meet, Jia and Ken, the founders of Worthy Book. And though they’re both armed with Master’s degrees in Engineering, neither wore the yellow helmet long enough to keep it warm. Previously, Ken was working at an IT company for 6 years, until one night, the computer screen beckoned him: “Wake up, Ken… Follow the white rabbit…”

“There was a knock on the door, in came Jia, I remember taking the red pill – and the rest was history,” joked Ken.

Image Credit: Worthy Book

Image Credit: Worthy Book

The founders wanted to create a platform that offered a cross between credit card privileges, online group-buy deals, blog reviews, and The Yellow Pages — an all-in-one, instantly-redeemable coupon booklet that provided strong call-for-action. What resulted was Worthy Book, which they felt was a product that would help collaborative brands market themselves effectively, while at the same time, reach out to consumers with good deals.

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Image Credit: Worthy Book

Image Credit: Worthy Book

Competing With Other Online Deal Sites

With people going online frequently to look for the latest deals and the best prices, are physical coupon books still popular? Don’t they seem a little bit…outdated? The Worthy Book team doesn’t agree, and they countered this with three reasons:

  1. Their coupons are mostly valid for 1 full year. This differs greatly from vouchers that are bought online, which are mostly valid only for 2-3 months.
  2. The Worthy Book voucher book is RM29.90, and you get hundreds of ready-to-use vouchers.
  3. Other than discounts, Worthy Book offers freebies too.

    Image Credit: Worthy Book

    Image Credit: Worthy Book

Great Ways To Use Worthy Book

The kind co-founders of Worthy Book even shared some tips on how to make full use of the vouchers:

  1. The book is categorized by malls, area and states, so it helps if one plans ahead – e.g., when planning for a food trip/beauty makeover at Bukit Bintang, try referring to the list of brands available in Bukit Bintang in the “area” section and plan accordingly.
  2. Check out the “absolutely free” offers, e.g., FREE hand paraffin treatment at Jojoba Spa.
  3. There are 4 vouchers per brand, so choose the one that is most relevant to the circumstances, e.g., a RM10 cash voucher would be good for 1 or 2 customers, but when having a group party, a higher discount offer would make more sense, savings-wise.
  4. Last but not least, refer to the T&Cs (some brands require advance bookings).
Image Credit: Worthy Book

Image Credit: Worthy Book

If you plan to get yourself a Worthy Book to take advantage of the great deals, these books can be found at your closest Borders and other bookstores as well as 7-eleven convenient stores in the Klang Valley. If that’s too much trouble, don’t fret: you can find them online too.

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